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yeah so....   
04:53pm 27/06/2003
Q. what's the only thing funnier than the fact that i, former h.s. senior class president, just purchased two forties of malt liquor and a bag of pizza rolls on a monday night?

A. the fact that the class valedictorian was the cashier who rang me up.

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Nil illegitimo carborundum.   
04:05pm 26/06/2003
hi. i am brian.


add me & i'll add you back.
if your cool,
or hot.

i like em cool & hot.
sexy but casual.

i add everyone. heh.

just leave a comment so i know you added me, thanks.

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wow, back in the biz.   
05:38pm 17/03/2003
  - so here we are again, havent posted in LJ for a good six months maybe? new name/new profile, woah shits getting crazy. old ass picture if i am bored sometime maybe i will update that soon. as for now i am out. just wanted to get this rolling. prolly post later. i been needed somewhere to rant. if you want to listen be my guest if not. peace. bye for now.

- b. miller

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